The powerful cloud-based platform used by farmers in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States to boost their efficiency, sustainability, and profitability is coming to Europe.

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MYFARMWEB™ , in partnership with Vodafone Business, has launched on selected fruit, vegetable, pasture and grain farms in Germany, Spain, Italy and Ireland.

Europe’s farmers face a challenging operating environment. Pressure on prices and increased regulation means that managing farm resources and optimising inputs is a more complex job than ever before. MyFarmWeb platform brings all your farm data together in one place so that you have all the facts to make better decisions and implement more efficient farming practices.

See the features and tools we offer and how you can layer them to see more than one data set at the same time.


Theunis Pretorius, Grain Farmer, South Africa

"I open the app on my cell phone, as we are harvesting I can see the yields and then I can also see the soil maps. You can be anywhere in the lands and in your palm, you have access to your maps. With MYFARMWEB, I can apply exactly what is needed. MYFARMWEB works for me and I'm very excited about it."

A hydroponic farmer in the Free State province of South Africa

MYFARMWEB’s Precision Pest Monitoring (PPM) functionality gives me an accurate, data-driven overview of my plants' health at the press of a button. Now I am notified of any pest activity that could threaten my plants and be proactive about dealing with them. This capability is invaluable to my business.

Dave Stead, Anasazi Agronomy, Australia

"Simply the best tool I’ve used for soil mapping of both chemical and physical attributes; the capability to simultaneously view two dierent data sets is a clear market leader. Add to this, the surfacing of yield data and satellite imagery, other GIS data sets like pest monitoring, irrigation, weather data and you have the most powerfully condensed decision support tool yet."

Farm to fork: Digital solutions provide traceability, allowing the consumers of your produce to track the journey from your farm to their fork.

Monitor crop, pest, soil, and weather conditions.

Compare layers of data in one consolidated platform.

Convert conclusions into plans of action.



Are you a farmer or a cooperative wanting to boost your productivity and efficiency? Contact us to find out when MYFARMWEB™ will be available for commercial use and how we can help you.

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