MYFARMWEB™ has an array of tools for visualizing and interpreting large amounts of data easier. Capture and view relevant information on the fly.

Comparing Tool

Use the comparing tool to compare multiple maps in a single view and do in-depth analysis.

Layer Graph

Use the layer graph to see more map detail.


View your personal weather station data or open source weather, as well as national dam levels on MYFARMWEB™ (only South African national dams are currently availible).

Measuring Tool

Use the measuring tool to accurately calculate the distance on the ground between points of interest.

Area Tool

Use the area tool to accurately calculate an area of interest.

Time Line Control

Timeline control is used to interpret data in a time series.

Drill Down Tool

Drill Down is a powerful tool that can be used to compare and analyse technical data on points of interest across multiple layers at the same time.

Smart Layers Form

The Smart Layer form is used to capture all records of crops that were planted on your farm. They are stored and can be viewed using My Smart Layer.

Division Tool

The Division tool is used to sub-divide existing farm blocks/fields to indicate areas that have more than one crop or cultivar planted on it.

GPS Tool

The GPS tool provides GPS coordinates for points of interest on your farm.

Infrastructure Tool

The Infrastructure tool is used to capture and illustrate where certain infrastructure is present on your farm and displays it on MYFARMWEB™.


MYFARMWEB™ boasts a growing range of features. Farmer data is grouped for easy user navigation and fast decision making.


View soil physical characteristic maps, including the soil form maps with crop potential differences, plant-available water capacity, effective root depth, possible anaerobic conditions, management practice recommendations, representative soil moisture probe positions, and variable seeding and fertilisation maps.


View your leaf tissue analysis results on MYFARMWEB™ with the ability to compare historical data.


View your mapping through a grid pattern, the nutritional status and topography of your soil, including corrective and variable liming and fertilisation maps.


View Precision Pest Monitoring on a weekly basis, enabling you to make quick, informed decisions. View and analyse historical incidence of pests and notice trends.


The smart layer displays and summarises data captured records and information of crops planted on your farm.


Combine/harvester maps can be viewed and analysed. Areas producing bad and good yields are identified and the underlying causes on bad areas determined. The latest offering, Picklogger™, can be viewed here. Picklogger™ is a harvesting tool that records the location of every pick when perennial crops are harvested.



View satellite or drone images on MYFARMWEB™ or utilise the latest Airbus VERDE™ offering: biophysical parameters calibrated by crop type, making it a superior solution to traditional NDVI.


View live soil moisture probes information on MYFARMWEB™. You also have the ability to upload and view your irrigation system designs.


View your Petiole analysis results on MYFARMWEB™ with the ability to compare historical data.


View your water sample analysis results by displaying it as a point report on MYFARMWEB™.


With the use of yield maps and production costs, My Profitability™ can be used to see which areas of the farm were profitable and which were not.


Track your vehicle assets through IoT technology on MYFARMWEB™.


Safe storage for any files crucial to your farm. View, recall, or download them anytime on MYFARMWEB™.


View reports, files, or photos uploaded by your consultant under ICONSULT™.


Capture all your farm's infrastructure on MYFARMWEB™ and view it as an interactive map.