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An interactive, cloud-based platform, accessed through any browser, for storing, visualizing and comparing all types of maps, geographic and IoT generated agricultural data.

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MYFARMWEB™ collates data into commercially workable information from disparate sources and interfaces various layers in relation to each other to make more informed decisions.

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Features & Tools


View soil physical characteristic maps, including the soil form maps with crop potential differences, plant-available water capacity, effective root depth, possible anaerobic conditions, management practice recommendations, representative soil moisture probe positions, and variable seeding and fertilisation maps.


View your leaf tissue analysis results on MYFARMWEB™ with the ability to compare historical data.


View your mapping through a grid pattern, the nutritional status and topography of your soil, including corrective and variable liming and fertilisation maps.


View Precision Pest Monitoring on a weekly basis, enabling you to make quick, informed decisions. View and analyse historical incidence of pests and notice trends.

Comparing Tool

Use the comparing tool to compare multiple maps in a single view and do in-depth analysis.

Layer Graph

Use the layer graph to see more map detail.


View your personal weather station data or open source weather, as well as national dam levels on MYFARMWEB™ (only South African national dams are currently availible).

Measuring Tool

Use the measuring tool to accurately calculate the distance on the ground between points of interest.

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Make better decisions, faster

Visualise, layer and compare data from various sources:

  • Soil physical and chemical maps
  • PPMTM (Precision Pest Monitoring)
  • Leaf/tissue analysis
  • Yield maps
  • Water analysis
  • Airbus VERDE™ Biophysical parameters

Data captured by IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as:

  • Soil moisture probes
  • Tracking devices
  • Micro weather stations


Please get in touch should you have any queries or require information about MYFARMWEB™.